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Be heard and seen!

From microphones to mixers, amps to snakes, speakers to stands, we can specify and supply a wide range of equipment. We're not interested in just selling boxes, we create solutions. You can choose to employ (ie pay!) us to create a PA or AV system design, so you can shop around for the best prices item by item, or you can simply ask us to provide a turn-key project, including system design, supply, delivery, training, system development over time as your needs change and ongoing access to decades of experience and advice. The choice is yours. Our clients include churches, theatres, bands, solo musos, personal trainers, shopping centres, restaurants and even the occasional guy who wants a man cave with all the hi-tech trimmings! We relish getting gear to perform the way you need it to perform, making the most of the myriad features to be found in even the simplest of modern technology.

Stage Lighting at Concert
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