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To Blog or not to Blog

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I'm new to this. I write a lot, but mostly for my own consumption, to clarify ideas, or to write a report for a client. I've compiled newsletters, edited magazines, proofed press releases and I read like it's going out of fashion. Words make magic pictures in my mind, I love poetry and songs and recipes and novels.

But writing a blog for business is new for me, so forgive me whilst I get my blogging skills up to speed. I'm not only going to write blogs, but also to curate other people's blogs, if I think they'll be useful to our clients. I'll always give credit where credit is due, and if authors of the blogs I post here want me to take them down, all they need to do is email me. I've no wish to offend, in any way.

I'd love to hear from anyone who reads what I write - criticism is welcome, encouragement will be highly appreciated, and engagement with readers is my ultimate objective.

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