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Image Matters - A good-looking screen

When you want to really activate your audience, give the delivery system as much consideration as the content

Standing in a check-out queue is such a waste of time. We’ve all been there, foot-tapping our way to the till. But, with gorgeous, riveting content displayed in magnificent high-resolution technicolour, the tedium can become productive.

Content creation is becoming ubiquitous. Less ubiquitously, good content is a unique combination of entertainment and information, presented attractively, at the right time, to engage the viewer on an emotional level. At its best, it can drive viewer engagement, leading to better communication outcomes.

But is a basic screen at the front of the queue going to achieve that?

Marketing and communications people understand about content. But the nuances of technical delivery systems are not always understood, and that can result in frankly crappy displays that completely fail to move the viewer regardless of the quality of the content, allowing entropy to reign supreme.

Images can be the kings of communication, conveying messages faster, more accurately and more convincingly than a thousand words. And in today’s fast-paced world, there are often only a few moments to capture the interest and imagination of the viewer. But poor quality image, on a badly placed and installed display, can be such a distraction from the content message that the entire endeavour fails completely.


“A good sketch is better than a long speech” - Napoleon Bonaparte


Standing in a queue in a well-known communications customer service centre recently, all I could focus on was the tangle of visible wiring, the crooked screens, the lighting flare from inappropriate lighting, and the colour mismatch on the four displays that made up the video wall. Despite spending considerable time in the queue, I have no recollection of the content. In another example, a well-known retailer installed quite large LED screens behind the tellers. The screens created an uncomfortable working environment for the staff, due to the heat and constantly changing light, and the content was barely intelligible to the customers, because they were queueing too close to the screens to be able to take in the full picture.


Queues are here to stay. Even Sainsbury’s in the UK ended their cashier-less store trial in 2019, concluding that “it’s clear that not all our customers are ready for a totally till-free store”


But when visual delivery systems are properly specified to achieve well-defined objectives, the result can be spectacular. We recently had the privilege to work with East Coast Radio to bring the main on-air studio action into the main reception area. We worked closely with the interior design consultants, shop fitters and wiring crew to create a bespoke solution and achieved an excellent result. Approaching the East Coast Radio reception area, visitors can immediately sense the broadcasting vibe, even though the studio itself is now far removed from reception.

The 2x2 video wall, in its striking yellow frame, provides a direct view into the main on-air studio.

The 1x3 display signage array, in a matching yellow frame, provides programming and talent information, as well as displaying viewer stats and welcome messages. Content is easily managed and scheduled from anywhere in the world using a Remote Content Software Management tool.


Viewer comments

“looks really good” “looks amazing” “nicely done. Wow” “beautiful”

“nice and brilliant” “this is cool” “wow, interesting”


Client Feedback

“BA Sound were appointed to supply and install our video conference, digital signage, video wall and PA system in our 2020 revamp.

Despite the challenges of Covid-19, they were on time, in budget, and added real value to the overall project, always having a keen eye for detail and engaging with other service providers to ensure East Coast Radio received the best possible solutions from all disciplines. Their contribution is greatly appreciated, not only by the tech team, but also our staff who use the systems they installed.

The reception area, with its video wall and digital display is visually very appealing and enables us to showcase our studio action and hospitality as soon as visitors walk onto the floor. “

- Siyathemba Shozi, Technical Manager, East Coast Radio



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